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Trouble with Elimron and Birth control

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  • Trouble with Elimron and Birth control

    Hello, I have a question for anyone. Does anyone have trouble taking Elimron and Birth Control pills? I have been taking both for the last month and I am having a reaction to one of the meds. Stopped taking both this past week and neck is still real broke out. Thanks for any advice on the sitution! Bamafan

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    I broke out itching from the Orthro Try something one and another one but don't remember. I was told sometimes when you get the generic birth control is has other stuff in it that can cause itching. No itching from the Elmiron.


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      I have been on the same b/c for the last couple of years with no problem. Did mail in order and they sent something that was almost the same. They said it was a generic for a generic which I never knew there was. I went back to the ones that I had for years and now it is worse. I am going to start back myElmiron when my neck is better and then add the b/c back.