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hair loss, please help

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  • hair loss, please help

    how long..after stopping elmiron
    does the hair loss stop?

    its been 2 weeks since i stopped elmiron
    (i feel fine btw....taking aloe vera)

    but when will the hair stop falling out???
    Quit ELMIRON due to hair loss
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    I'm really not sure... I've been taking it for about 6 months and haven't had any problems with hair loss yet. I hope someone here will chime in and have the answer. Feel better


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      as soon as the medication is out of your system the hair loss will stop.

      please keep in mind that other medications can have the same affect.
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        Amartaingirl, I answered your PM. Like Tiggers said that other meds can contribute to the hairloss. It's also hormonal for some woman during the "child bearing" years. I truly believe that Elmiron started my hairloss, but after about 6 months and it not working, I quit taking the Elmiron, but my hairloss continues. I am starting to notice more growing in than falling out, so hopefully I can finally get it styled where I can quit wearing my wig. With summer coming, it's been my goal!


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          Hair loss

          I am happy to report that I am no longer wearing my wig. I still have a few thin spots, but my hairdresser was able to cut my hair to hide them. I had not been to a hairdresser in almost 3 years. The lady I went to was recommended by a friend. She deals alot with chemo patients. I told her the meds that I was taking like Zinc, Fish oil, etc. She suggested Flaxseed oil. It comes in capsule form so it isn't gross or anything. She said that she recommends it to her clients when they hit their 40s since it helps with hairgrowth and bringing back the natural bounce that we once had. I have been on it for almost a month now, and I can already see a huge difference.

          It was so strange to go from a short hair style wig to my natural hair which was about shoulder length. She wanted to keep it longer since she thought that she could hide the thin spots better. It's been a long emotional battle, for over several years. She even commented that when I had my first interstim implant which I became septic could have caused further damage to my folicles. That was in 2002, so you can see how long it has taken my body to readjust and heal due to the start of Elmiron then all that came after that with IC and the stress.

          My doctor was very agreeable about the Flaxseed and it hasn't caused any type of side effects.

          I hope that this news helps!



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            CONGRATS!so glad to hear your hair is back to normal. that is the reason i wont try elmiron. i know everyone is diff.but i'm not gonna risk it,unles last resort. sorry to hear you had to go threw that. your a stronger women then i would have been.


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              Elmiron was the first IC treatment after my cysto/hydro , that I had.
              The Elmiron is helpful to many people, I am sure. but it ripped through my stomach like a tornado and yes, i started losing some hair. I told my Uro , (who is losing his hair) and he said, "well you can't take it then and you don't want your hair to fall out".
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