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dropped elmiron :(

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  • dropped elmiron :(

    So I just dropped my elmiron bottle all over the floor, I went and picked the pills off and then rinsed them off and put them back in the bottle, but now they are all gooey . Should I keep on taking them, will they dry out. I feel so stupid. I think I got all of them I dont want my dog to find one of them. Anyways, should I pour them in water for the remaining pills since I dropped them on the floor? Questions.

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    I'm not sure if the water would hurt anything except to make them gooey. Maybe try laying them out on a paper towel to dry?


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      I agree with Meme. I don't think the water would hurt them, but laying them on a towel to dry might make them easier to take. I know I hate when pills get wet because then they taste AWFUL! UGH! But I don't see why a little water would hurt them.
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        I think it would be okay too, but if you have any doubts, (or just want the "official" word on it, you could always call a 24 hr pharmacy like Walgreens and ask the Pharmacist. If he/she agrees and you need to dry them off, you might try putting them in a bowl and using the blow dryer on the "Cold" setting to dry them off. I have used it before when a med got wet and it worked great!

        One more thing, if you are unsure if you found all of them or not, it might be a good idea to go ahead and do a pill count to subtract the amount you have from the amount you are suppossed to have taken so far this month. Just a thought!

        Good luck!