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Why go from 3 Elmiron down to 2?

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  • massagedoula
    I went from 3 down to 2 or 1 a day. I was feeling good and wanted to decrease my medication load to my body. I waited a year to decrease, though. If I am having a little flare I will raise it back to 3 a day until it is over.

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  • amartaingirl
    hair loss

    i went down from 3 to 1 for hair loss reasons
    i am now on 0
    waiting for hair loss to stop

    i am still ok
    i am taking aloe vera
    in place of the aloe

    hair loss...and price
    my doc thinks i take 3 xday
    script is for 3xday
    if i take it 1xday

    that 1 month script...will last 3 months

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  • mom_in_ma
    Well, I think that when people are feeling well that they want to take the lowest effective dose of meds. So, the 100 or 200 mgs would be a maintence dose, so to speak.

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  • smcclafferty
    started a topic Why go from 3 Elmiron down to 2?

    Why go from 3 Elmiron down to 2?

    Why do some people go from 300 mg of Elmiron (3X per day), down to 200 mg (2X per day) or even 100 mg? I am on 3 Elmiron per day, and I wanted to know if I can eventually go lower. Thank you.