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Elmiron with instill

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  • Elmiron with instill

    My quesiton is I am to start elmiron with my instill and the nurse stated they open up the elmiron capsule and put it in the liquid for the instill.

    Is this the normal way to add elmiron to an instill?

    Also what has been the best course of treatment with the elmiron instills?

    3 times a week for a month was recommended. I would love to hear your feedback on this?

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    Yes that is the normal way. I did installs 2 times a week for 12 weeks. It made my urethra really sore. I think 3 times a month is good. Good luck with them!
    I got relief for 6 hours after the first and 1 to 3 hours after the others. Overall, though it didn't improve my condition so I eventually stopped getting them.


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      I get heprin instills twice a week. I've already had 8 treatments. I feel its definitely helping me. If the nurse moves her hand even a little though it will set my urethra off for a good 12 hours. She's only done that twice though

      I will continue to do twice a week this entire month.


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        I am doing those instills also. I put the elimron in the lidocaine, I also have cytotec also. Although, I some sort of reaction to cytotec, so I stopped that. I try to do instills twice a week, but sometimes I just can't make myself do it, because I get such irritation from the cath. Good Luck