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Elmiron question and period flare

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  • Elmiron question and period flare

    Last month (my fourth month on Elmiron) I had my first 11 day stretch of super days. My bladder symptoms were very minimal...the best I've felt since diagnosis 6 months ago. Then BAM a week before my period, my symptoms all returned and I was so miserable. These symptoms continued through my period and the day after my bleeding stopped, I returned to feeling great again. I just started a birth control pill, thinking it may help these menstrual related flares. I'm just curious if anyone else on Elmiron was in this same situation. Has anyone progressively lost these terrible period related flares the longer they stayed on Elmiron? Don't get me wrong...I'm so thankful for the 11-12 stetch of feeling good, BUT I want to feel that good through an entire month!!!! What is it with these darn hormones????? Would continuous birth control help?



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    I'm not sure if it's the actual hormones, or the fact that your uterus is swollen during that time and pressing more on the bladder. Or both! I'm not sure, and I guess the doctor's aren't either!


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      Pain on your period...

      I know when I had my period..(now dont have them due to having hystorectomy).. but when I would have them the pain would be DOUBLED from my normal pain.. and if I was having a really great month with very very very little pain and then the week before my period I would be doubled in pain.. then after my period the pain would from what I know it seemed to me to be worse with my periods... but now with the hystorectomy I do not have periods but now I have pain ALL THE TIME!!! so after that I am not totally sure.. I think my problem is that the IC is just getting MUCH worse...
      But like I said from what i could tell my periods made things alot worse..

      With all the pain in the world comes love and hope.. For someday they will find the cures for all the pain we suffer and just take it all away and we can again be pain free and enjoy life.. and remember those who suffer the same pains and sorrows are usually the ones with the most understanding hearts
      Hugs and Loves

      Multiple health issues.. IC , Type 2 diabetic, Knee problems (7 surgeries), Fibromyalgia, Cystoscope with botox injections done on 11/17/11, Hystorectomy in 2005, Asthma, Migraines, High BP, High colestoral, pseudotumor cerebri and Depression..


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        Well, I'm in hell with my periods, so they have me on continuous BCP. I had a month long period, but hopefully that is out of my system and I won't have my period for a very long time! I do not have a dx yet...
        [SIZE="1"][B]Be well, Alyssa :hi:[/B]