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Elmiron and acne?

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  • Elmiron and acne?

    I've been breaking out on my face like I'm in junior high again...except when I was in junior high, I still didn't break out this bad. I'm still on the fence about the hairloss sort of seems like my hair is a little thinner around the top of my hairline, but my hair isn't very thick anyway, so I may be imagining that. The worst of the acne is concentrated on one patch of my cheek, but it seems to be spreading to a wider area of that whole side. I haven't been able to find anything linking Elmiron with breakouts as a side effect, but I figured I'd ask just in case someone else was having this problem. I'm not really sure why, if I've always had a healthy complexion, I would suddenly start having problems now.

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    i have oily skin anyway. but i did notice more pimples on my forehead.
    i usually never get them there.
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      Hi Mel
      The breakout thing does definately sound familiar. Mine isn't concentrated to one area though. I am just getting pimpley all over which is very unusual for me. I have always had a really good complexion except the odd zit.
      My hair is very fine I haven't really noticed going bald in any paticular place but my hair seems to have taken on a mind of its own. It is unruley it seems like there is major breakage so I have hairs sticking up all over the place everywhere I am hating it! It is so unmanagable I sometimes imagine doing the Brittney Spears thing and shave my head, but I have more common sense than that!! LOL


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        I had some acne when I was on Elmiron. I thought it was Elmiron...then I realized it was the white chocolate I was eating! It has A LOT more fat than regular brown or dark chocolate. Since I was new to teh IC diet I was looking some confort in white chocolate. I stopped eating white chocolate and no more pimples! I took Elmiron for 6 months and didn't have any pimples during that time. Now I get them when I eat peanut butter so I just eat it once a week and white chocolate once in a blue moon ( iget a pimple immediately after)
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          I had some really bad acne behind my ear and neck. It was the elmiron. It finally went away I just hung in there.
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            Elmiron and weight gain?

            I've noticed the pounds are creeping onto my butt, belly, arms....well...all over! I'm not eating much (fear of flare-causing food!), so I don't understand what's going on. I know my metabolism has slowed in the last year, but I've still managed to wear the same jean size for 4 years. I lost about 80 pounds in 2000, so I'm scared of going back up more than even 10 pounds. I asked my doctor about Elmiron and she said it can cause bloating, but weight gain is not a noted complaint. BTW, she said if you are experiencing bloating, open the capsules and sprinkle the Elmiron on your oatmeal, etc.. (Researchers believe the capsule itself is causing this side effect of bloating). Any thoughts/comments would be most appreciated....I'm kind of freaking out about this!


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              I got acne from Elmiron along and in my hairline on my forehead and temple area. i also got it in my eyebrows. So bizarre! I stopped it because of hairloss and now the acne is gone. -Vicki
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                Weird! I hadn't even thought about it, but yeah, I guess I first started noticing more pimples in my eyebrows first. I don't pluck them or anything, so I thought that was odd, but didn't make a connection until now. This is so aggravating. As soon as I get the zits I already have under control, brand new ones pop out immediately! I really don't want to take this stuff anyway. I have no idea if it's working because I've only been on it for three months, and I know I'm supposed to keep at it for at least six to see a difference. Still, I'm a good 75-80% better than I was in January. Part of that I know is the diet. I'm starting to try and wean off of it and slowly add in the aloe vera supplements. To be vain and in pain or be well and look like hell...these are not exciting choices.