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elmiron and bruising

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  • elmiron and bruising

    My doctor told me I would bruise a lot easier on Elmiron and I do which makes me a little nervous, because what would happen in an accident, if someone were to get cut or something like that. I also get pins an needles easier when I am sleeping in my arms or legs if I fall asleep in a funny position. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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    Elmiron doesn't always make people bruise/bleed easier. I had the easy bruising/bleeding and for me it wasn't a big deal. My uro had me go off the Elmiron a week before I had knee surgery though, just as a precation.

    Medical "Issues":
    Tachycardia(resting rate is 125-130 )
    Tramadol-as needed (IC)-50mg
    Elmiron 200mg twice a day
    Levsin .125mg 1-2 pills 4 times a day


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      HI! I typed in Elmiron and Brusing in google......and came up with a site that said it's a very rare side effect for Elmiron to cause brusing. Here's the site.
      I've been on it almost a year with no problem at all. I don't think you need to worry......but if you are concerned......type it in google and do some research. Good luck! Roxie

      Double Spinal Cord Stimulator surgery 8/09
      Unsuccessful MiniArc sling surgery 12/07
      Dx'd Hypothyroid
      Dx'd Chronic Axonal Neuropathy & Myopathy
      June 2007
      Dx'd IC May 2006 (after suffering for 25+ yrs!)
      First Cysto 1979
      First Hydro 1981 (Many treatments since then!)
      Collagin"Durasphere" injections for urethra
      Gall bladder surgery Aug. 2004
      Gastric Bypass Dec. 2004
      Dx'd: Barrett's Esphogus July 2004
      Dx'd: Vaginal Atrophy 2005
      Bladder surgery 2000
      Dx'd: IBS 2000
      Hysterectomy (fibroids) 1999
      Laminectomy 1989
      Dx'd: Degerative Disk Disorder 1989

      For IC I use Elmiron, Elavil and Freeze dried Aloe Vera (it works likes Elmiron, but naturally)and Azo as needed. I also take Zegerid, Randitine for Barrett's Esophagus. (which causes me to have constant yeast infections!)I take Cymbalta for Neuopathy/Myopathy pain. I use the Climara patch for menopause symptoms. I'm on a very strict diet because of the IC, IBS and Gastric Bypass. I take Primal Defense Probiotics and whole food Iron.
      I no longer have the awful urethral pain! I've been using MSM gel now for 4 mo. and haven't had a flare up or the urethra's amazing stuff!!:woohoo: