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Timing of Elmiron doses?

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    I have been on Elmiron for many years. The actual dosing schedule has been loosened up by Dr. Parsons,and he now has many patients on twice a day scheduling. It is much easier to comply with, and in the end, you are much more likely to get the right dose in you. Like many others here, I take one dose when I get up to pee at night. usually around 4-5am. Then, I can eat breakfast when I get up without waiting. I usually take my second dose at around 5:00pm and have dinner at 6:30-7:00. It works well for me, but I don't eat between meals alot. I take 2pills twice a day, but I am fortunate that I don't have much in the way of side effects from it. I don't think your doctor will mind as long as you let him know what you are doing.


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      I am no longer on Elmiron, but when I took it, I took advantage of the getting up ten times a night to pee, and took what would be my afternoon dose at 2-3 in the morning. Then I had my morning dose before breakfast ,, and only had to fit one more in somewhere. My doc told me it didn't matter if two were closer together, as long as I got all three in.


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        I'm thinking a quick call to my doc before my next visit will iron this it is, I'm taking it at all weird times, hardly ever the same times. I usually keep the pill and a bottle of water at my bedside to take at my last pee before getting up (if I take it at a middle of the night pee, the water I drink would just add an extra pee during the night, and I have enough as it is, lol!)....but on my days off I am so exhausted.....between fibro and RA, working a few days in a row makes me feel like I have to "recover" and I am always tired anyway. I inevitably sleep in, and for whatever reason that throws me off. Sometimes I forget to even bring the med to bed with me, even if I do, sometimes I forget to take I am stuck when I get up late taking it and being hungry until it's been in my system a bit.

        I usually take my second pill an hour or so before dinner. On work day I bring my meds and take it before I leave for home. But some days (like yesterday) I forget, and before I know it, I've already eaten and I take both doses before bed. I think twice daily dosing would be easier for me, all my other meds are either once or twice daily. I also want to talk to him about my vistaril, if he could prescribe me a higher dose pill-getting tired of taking 4 itty bitty pills to equal 40mg, lol!
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