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Elmiron and grey hair???

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  • Elmiron and grey hair???

    So, I've been on Elmiron (not faithfully) for 2.5 months and have been noticing some grey (really they're more white than anything) hairs. I've been plucking them, even though I've been told that's bad, but today I noticed that where I've been finding the grey hairs is a whole section of them!!! AND I'M ONLY 23!!!! I asked my mother if grey hair starts early in our family and she said no. Elmiron is causing my hair to thin and fall out, but could it be also causing my color to die? Any ideas or experiences? Greatly appreciated, Noelle

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    I had two friends in high school (twins) who both had a white streak in their hair while they were still in school. They developed the streaks when they were about 16 or 17 years old.

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      hair loss

      it made my hair fall out.
      not all of it...just an overall thinning.
      it hasnt grown back yet...but maybe it will be gray

      hair the way....does stop
      exactly 62 days..from being off elmiron. lol
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        Noelle I started getting grey hair at the age of 17. I was still young when my hold head was grey. I really don't think it is the Elmiron, but the falling out hair can be related to the Elmiron. But my hair fall out easily too but my hair was kind of thick so it wasn't a problem there.

        Don't get to upset with it, hair dye takes care of it.

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          I started going gray at age 21.
          I've been on Elmiron for a little over a year and have only noticed a slight increase in hair shedding--nothing noticeable to anyone other than myself.

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            Noelle, I also started going gray at 16 and began to keep putting hair dye on it so I would look younger. I was foolish, I wasn't feeling well and I just thought covering the gray would make me look young and healthy. Sometimes premature gray hair can be a signal of an illness. When women cover up the premature gray hairs the doctors cannot know about this symptom. Be sure to show these early grays to your Doctor, and he might want to do tests that might uncover a hidden illness. Overtime, I was feeling worse and my hair also turned snow white. It turned out that I had a thyroid disease and if I was treated earlier for my illness I would have felt so much better.

            My Mother, is now in a nursing home and every time she sees me she wants to know if my hair will grow back the way is was when I was a little girl...I just smile and tell her the truth, that my hair will never return to dark brown.

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              I used to be a natural blonde. My father and his mother had white hair, both turning at a fairly young age and both were quite healthy and had no chronic illness. I found my first gray hairs in my very early 20s. By my 30s I started highlighting my hair and that covered it. By my late 30s to around 40 highlighting wasn't enough as I had very little blonde left and I started coloring my hair to return it to my original color. I colored it for many years, but quit when I developed IC and let it grow out. I have no idea when it went totally white, but that's what it was at 55 when I stopped coloring it. Actually, I prefer to call it a natural platinum sounds younger! My older sister was a brunette, but also grayed prematurely and now we both have the exact same color of hair (she doesn't have IC or any other chronic illness). For us, I believe it is strictly genetics and came from our father's side of the family. My mother passed away at age 85 1/2 and her hair was barely salt and pepper; still had a lot of color to it.

              I take Elmiron, but my hair obviously was "platinum blonde" LONG before IC and Elmiron. Yes, in a few instances changes can be a symptom of illness, but often it is a matter of genetics.

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                I've noticed more white hairs cropping up at my part, possibly since starting Elmiron...they are only about 1-2 inches long and stick up at the part.