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  • Killer Burising

    I started Elmiron about a week and a half ago (again) after having stopped it for about a year. It's not like I had a major flare. I just thought I could benifit from it again.

    Well, I was rough housing with my friends boy friend (who is in shape but not much bigger than me). And at one point he grabbed me, I flipped him over my head and he pulled me down. On the way I hit my friends softish sofa bed thing with my arm. It didn't hurt, didn't get really swollen or red. Just stiff.

    Anyway the next moring I have this HUGE bruise on omy arm. Like bigger than my palm. And now it hurts by the way. Anywho. I have always been an easy bruiser but NEVER like this (see below pictures). I also have a rather large bruise on my bottom but you don't need to see that . Could this be a bleeding problem from the Elmiron? Last time I had mild clotting problems but nothing like this.

    Anyway, its a lot more blue and black but it didn't show up because of the flash.

    Any advice is more than welcome. And I will see my uro in a month so I will definatly bring it up. See what he thinks.

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    Gabby, I would bring it up to your uro sooner than a month from now. You don't want a serious problem (which can happen). I too bruise like a peach, but I've been bruising like crazy on Elmiron. I showed my doctor all my bruises (all over my legs, arms, shoulders, hands, etc). Some are deep purple/blue others are red. They told me to drop down to 2 times/day. They also told me that Elmiron has a short half-life in the body (2-4 hours) and that if you get hit hard in that time frame, you will bruise easier than normal... but if you get blood work done, chances are you won't see clotting difference. They discussed the bruising/thinning of blood in depth with the makers of Elmiron and people that did the clinical trials. I would definately bring it up to your doctor sooner. Mine was not concerned with my bruises (although the red bruises/spots they didn't like, hence skip the afternoon dose).

    I hope this helped! You are not alone! I just found 4 new bruises on my arms today!
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      Yep, I think a call to your uro's office for their opinion is a good idea! Wow girly, that's a huge bruise!! Yikes!
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