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Elmiron and your period?

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  • Elmiron and your period?

    Yeah, not the most "user friendly" topic, but can this medication stop you from getting it? Since I've been on it, I haven't gotten it...

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    My period is actually heavier on Elmiron. Probably due to the mild blood thinning properties. I think that you should get a checkup to see why you may not be having your period. Sometimes it can stop during times of great stress, physical or mental...Or you could be pregnant?!
    30 year old Mother, Midwife, Birth Doula, Herbalist, and Massage Therapist with sudden onset of IC approx. 2/16/05 (after a PAP smear and routine gynecological exam). I tried a HUGE list of natural and alternative treatments (including Cystoprotek, Desert Harvest Aloe, Aloe gel, Glucosamine/Chondroitin, L-Argenine, Quercitin/Bromelain, Marshmallow Root...etc) for the first 9 months of having IC, without much relief, until I finally researched and started Elmiron.

    My experience:
    ~Previously took Elmiron 100mg three times a day
    ~Experimented with dosage (1-2 Elmiron a day recapped into a plain gelcap) and did well with occasional mild flares. (7/06-9/09)
    ~Stopped all together at the 1 year mark (9/29/06) for 10 days. Still felt good, with low-level symptoms.
    ~Decided to go back on it (10/16/06) to see if another year on it will bring me into full (zero symptoms) remission. Currently taking 1-2 pills a day, recapped into a plain gelcap.
    ~ 6/08...Tried to go off Elmiron again, had huge flare at the 3 week mark, went back on 100mg once a day for maintenance.
    -I went off Elmiron for 2 months due to pregnancy and had a complete relapse of IC symptoms to pre-diagnosis levels of pain/frequency. I then went back on Elmiron at 10-12 weeks, but was unable to take it further due to severe morning sickness. The 2nd/3rd trimesters were MUCH better IC-wise, and postpartum is the best I have felt in years. I am no longer on Elmiron for now.
    -20 month postpartum remission from 4/17/09 to 12/10/10.
    -Out of remission after a pap smear on 12/10/10. Pap smears are obviously the main IC trigger for me. Currently trying to cope with loss of the remission.

    Also doing:
    ~Sugar-free/gluten free and strict IC diet (With an emphasis on organic, alkaline and whole foods)
    ~Prenatal DHA/Fish oil supplement
    ~Vitamin D supplement
    ~Culturelle probiotic


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      I've been on Elmiron for about three years now and not had it stop my period. I agree that you should get checked. It may only be stress or something. When I was a senior in high school, I had that happen. I had my first trip to the gyno and they did an ultrasound just to make sure I didn't have a cyst or anything. Pregnancy was completely not an option at that point.
      ~ Stacey


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        I did end up getting it, just late this month. No, there is no way I can be pregnant. I'm not sexually active...


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          I wonder if it could have been just stress-related, or a change to your system, starting a new medication?
          Glad to hear that it came and everything is ok

          "Its a troublesome world all the people who're in it
          Are troubled with troubles, almost every minute
          Just tell yourself Duckie, you're really quite lucky
          Some people are much more, oh muchly much more
          unlucky than you!" Dr. Seuss


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            I had a period the week before I started Elmiron. During the 5 weeks I was on the medication, I had 2 more! I also started having regular severe hot flashes (whereas I was only having occasional mild ones before). And I was one of the people that had hair shedding. Definite hormonal problems on this medication.

            I got off Elmiron and on to flax seed and eventually to soy when I could tolerate it. Now, all is right with the world again.


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              I'm not seeing too much of a difference with Elmiron. But it'll be a while before I can see a Doctor. I might look into other well as something to deal with the urgency and pain...


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                Ok, So I've been on Elmiron for 3 weeks now and my main complaint is that i am battling hot flashes..I know it's the med cuz nothing else has changed. I am only 31 so I HOPE it's not early menopause. My period is also LATE! I am like clockwork normally.

                So, here is my question, what effect does Elmiron have on Estrogen/Progesterone? Does anyone have any idea? I would really appreciate any feedback from you guys. (you're all my panel of experts )

                Currently battling:
                Panic attacks/Anxiety Disorder

                Current Treatments:
                Pain Meds and Anxiety Meds
                Gentle Physical Therapy
                Heating Pad~my best friend
                Lots of hot baths w/ Epsom Salts & Baking Soda
                Tens Unit


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                  I usually get mine within the first 2 weeks of the month, but it came REAL late last month and we're in week 3 of July...urg...