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Hair not growing back after stopping Elmiron?

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  • Hair not growing back after stopping Elmiron?

    I stopped Elmiron about five months ago, as it wasn't helping and I was having horrible GI side effects (I had to have surgery because I had so much heartburn from it I damaged my esophagus).
    My hair was also falling out, and that gradually slowed until about two months after quitting, when it stopped. I lost over 50% of my hair.
    Now it is three months after it has quit falling out, five months after stopping the Elmiron, and still no regrowth. My doc says he doesn't know what to tell me, that regrowth usually happens pretty quickly after you stop the drug.
    Has anyone else had this problem? I finally caved and bought a wig last week; goodness knows I'm not vain, but I have very fine hair to begin with, so it looks like I have NO hair at all.
    So, anyone else who had the hair falling out, how long did it take for regrowth to begin?

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    So sorry to hear about your hair. I also had severe GI problems, less when I took the medicine out of the capsule. And my hair started shedding after two weeks. I stayed on the medicine 5 weeks, but when the hair started coming out in gobs, I gave up.

    I immediately started every grow hair back method I found on the internet - with the exception of minoxidil. Some here have gone to a dermatologist, and that sounds like something you may want to think about. It has now been 5 months since I stopped the medication and I would say that the shedding has stopped and there is starting to be more fullness where I was getting balding spots. For the record, I used flax seed and soy (the aloe vera I was taking kicked in and now I can handle soy) to increase estrogen, I take a biotin supplement (not sure it is helping the hair but my nails look great) and I'm using Nioxin products (expensive but seemed to help stop the shedding and it claims it will improve the hair shaft to make thin hair look fuller). I also use scalp massage that my hair stylist showed me. This improves circulation which reduces as we age. Right now, I am happy with my hair, I still look at all angles to be sure I am covering all the "spots" but that process only takes a minute whereas it use to take 15.

    Best of luck to you.