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Taking Elmiron without food

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  • Taking Elmiron without food

    One of the biggest challenges I have with taking Elmiron is taking it according to directions. You're supposed to take it either an hour before you eat or two hours after you eat. In the mornings, it's not a problem, since I just take it when I wake up and then eat breakfast an hour later.

    But for other meals, you need a three hour block where you aren't eating. Since it's healthier and better for weight loss to eat multiple small meals and snacks as opposed to three large meals, I'm having a lot of difficulty finding a three hour time period where I'm not eating anything.

    I spoke to the pharmacist at my school the other day, and he looked it up and still has no idea why it says not to take it without food. Apparently all the resources he checked say the effect of food is unknown. I suspect it's because in clinical trials, the drug was given without food, so they probably just want people to take it the way they tested it.

    I just worry that I'm undermining the success of the drug by not taking it according to directions, even though I try as hard as I can to take it within that time period. Has anyone discussed this with a doctor or found that the drug is more effective if taken as directed?

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    The reason you are not supposed to eat near the time you take your elmiron is that only a small portion of the medication makes it through to our bladders, so in order to get the most medication possible they tell you not to eat. I take mine on the morning and at night before I go to bed. I think a lot of other people do it that way also. It is hard to try and take it three times a day.


    My Dr told me it is fine for me to do it this way. I also take 400mg a day, 200mg am and 200mg pm.
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      I also take mine twice a day. I lasted about a week taking the noon dose. My doctor said twice a day is fine.
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        I also take it twice a day. That's how I've always taken it. I'm pretty much asymptomatic now. I take 2 in the morning and 2 right before bed.


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          I take it once a day, (4 caps). Time varies of course depending whats going on. Like tonight after work I will take it before dinner (around 5:00) as I am not going to be eating till 7 or so. If I am at home I take it at bedtime. This has worked for me pretty well.


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            6 small meals a day and Elmiron?? how..

            I've been having the same problem with following the "Clean Eating Diet/Lifestyle" which calls for 6 small meals and day and taking Elmiron 3x a day. After my first week I just chalked it up an stayed with taking it 2x a day and sometimes just 1 in the morning. Idea for me is 2x a day though. It's been a little over 6 months since I've been using Elmiron and no big flares so I think it's working so far.

            it's nice that I wasn't the only one with this conflict. Thanks for posting.