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Acne is getting so bad!

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  • Acne is getting so bad!

    Hello all,

    I wanted to ask a question about acne. Before my most recent flare up (november), I was not taking any medicine for IC, and my skin was perfectly clear. I would say that since I started trying to treat IC with medicine, I have had moderate acne--whitheads and the extremely painful pustules (sp?)

    I am wondering what medicine that I am could be causing this! I am undergoing DMSO, but I started breaking out before that. Here is what I am taking

    -IC Diet and Gluten Free diet (so I am drinking lots of water and eating a ton of fresh veggies)
    -Elavil (20mg a day)
    -Robaxin (muscle relaxer)
    -Roxycet (for pain, a few times every day)
    -Heparin and BiCarn instillations

    Please help! I can tolerate the moderate amount of hair loss...But these painful blemishes on my skin just are killing me, on top of everything else. They are so sore.

    *Also, I take my birth control pill around the clock, and have not stopped for a period since I am trying to get past a flare, and my period makes it worse.


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    I'm sorry I don't know for certain which med is making you break out. I had a terrible reaction to Elavil and its lesser potent cousin Pamelor. I experienced many small pimples in clusters, especially on my forehead and jawline. Ugh. I was extremely self-conscious. Very recently, I was on Neurontin for a week and had the same experience. I'm on Lyrica now (just one week in) and am starting to see the little whiteheads rear their ugly little, well... whiteheads. It's maddening. I believe these drugs fall into the anti-depressant category or are hybrids of that class of meds. Someone with more experience may be able to tell us if these drugs are in the same family. Again, sorry I don't have a concrete answer for you. Just wanted to put forward one possible piece to your puzzle. I've been grappling with IC since July and really struggling. Best of luck to you,

    Jen from San Diego

    Currently treatment:
    Elmiron (200 mg 2x/day)
    Atarax (20 mg 1x/day)

    Unsuccessful treatments:
    Elavil (Allergic rash)
    Pamelor (Allergic rash)
    Acupuncture (1x/wk for 2 months)
    PTNS(1x/wk, 12 treatments total)
    Instills (2x/week, 8 treatments total)
    Lyrica (100 mg 3x/day)
    ProsedDS (as needed)
    Physical therapy (1x/wk, 3 months total)