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Elmiron hair loss - just patches?

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  • Elmiron hair loss - just patches?

    Hi all, just wondering, this is my 3rd week on Elmiron, doing good on it but my hair looks like it is starting to fall out again. I was shedding a lot a few months ago (was on antidepressants for a couple of months then stopped, lost about 20lbs from major anxiety) and it then started to grow back, but now it looks like my re-growth is falling out. Did any of you have hair loss all over or just patches like it says could happen. Most of my hair loss is around my front hairline. I started taking another antidepressant 2 weeks ago (got major anxiety again) but my Dr said this shouldn't cause it. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    No, I had overall hair loss from Elmiron. It would literally fall out in the shower, on my brush, and just running my fingers through my hair. It wasnt breaking either, it was coming out at the root. My hair loss is near my temples and around my front hairline as well.