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    I am posting this here because I can not find out how to start a new thread........DUH? Can someone help me please?

    I would like to know of the people that have tried elmiron if they think it works. Even with my insurance it is still very expensive for me so I would like a survey of those who use it please. Also I am interested in Desert Harvest Aloe Vera. I have used it also and think it helped but since I had to quit working because of IC, I only have a small amount of money to use for treatments. Should I buy elmiron or aloe vera?? I was dx with IC 10/08 and at my wits end trying to end the pain.

    Thanks to anyone that replies.

    Stay safe

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    Hi Sully,

    I use Elmiron and I think it has helped me a lot. I do find that if I order it in a 90 day dose from my mail order pharmacy it saves me $50 for the three month supply. So I get one month free essentially. They also have a patient assistance program that you might want to look into since you are on a limited income.

    I have never taken the aloe, so I am not going to be of much help to you on that one. I hope this helps you some,

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