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Elmiron making frequency worse?

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  • Elmiron making frequency worse?

    Can anyone offer advice around Elmiron and the "plenty of water" requirement? I was diagnosed a few weeks ago and I have been experiencing excessive bladder irritation, leakage, and find myself getting up anywhere from every 15 mins to every hour or so at night. It takes TIME for me to find a somewhat comfortable position (feeling of mild vs strong urgent need to get up again) and fall back asleep. I was drinking maybe 5-6 cups a day and a full glass at night before bedtime with Elmiron (hoping this addressed the plenty of water requirement).

    I stopped drinking so much water on Friday (maybe 2 cups earlier that day and half a glass with Elmiron at night) to get some sleep and it helped tremendously - I almost slept through the night and could sit somewhat comfortably at certain points in the day. Yesterday I did the same thing but begin to feel really light headed and sick (I am sure not enough water) later that night. Family members suggested just sipping water during the day here and there as opposed to drinking a full glass in one sitting.

    How do you manage the plenty of water requirement with Elmiron? I am really nervous about not adhering to that requirement and not drinking much water but I find the inability to control the leakage and sleepless nights exhausting and I am strictly adhere to IC diet recommendations. I appreciate the advice, thanks

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    I find that taking small drinks frequently throughout the day works best for me. I don't drink a lot in the evening so frequency is less at night.

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      I think getting the Elmiron into our bodies is the most important part. I do try to get them down when I do not have nothing else much in my system. To force myself to drink a full glass of water is very hard on me. I drink about half a glass then sip water all day until about 5 P.M. Elmiron has worked for me so I must be doing something right. I would not get very worried about having to drink a full glass of water if it bothers you a lot. Ask your Doctor to see if this would be OK. What works for me does not mean it will work for all. Wonderful you are staying on the diet. Hugs, Ziggy


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        I've been on Elmiron for over 9 years now and have never heard of a water requirement for Elmiron. is this something your doctor or pharmacist recommended?

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        I've been virtually symptom free and able to eat & drink whatever I'd like for about 8 years now.


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