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eating and stomach issues on elmiron

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  • eating and stomach issues on elmiron

    hi everyone,

    ive been on elmiron since the end of march. i cant say its helped a ton...or any....who knows? ive had so many symptom changes and things getting worse lately.

    anyways...when i was given my written rx for the elmiron the dr told me to take it 1 hr before food or 2 hrs after, which can making planning your meals a little tough. im also kind of a snacker, so now i have to try to hold off on it. =[

    the one thing i noticed since starting elmiron is that i get these awful stomachaches that last for only a few minutes but are really intense. its like someone grabbing your stomach and squeezing it to death while making you sweat and every breath feels like it could bring vomit. anyone else dealing with this?

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    I am sorry that is happening to you.. I am one that could not take Elmiron.. It made me sick to my stomach and gave me diarrhea.. I tried taking it with meals which is not recommended but that did not help..
    You can try taking it out of the capsule and just putting it in water.. It works for some folks but that did not help me..but we are all different as they say.. so might be worth a try
    God brought me to it, He will bring me through it!!!

    Diagnosed 2003
    by cysto/hydro
    Elmiron took almost a year- made me sick, caused diarrhea
    Pyridium -Made me sick
    Detrol and Ditropan, Toviaz and Mrrbetriq- caused constipation and head ache.
    Tried DMSO instill- had 5 out of 6
    Started Oxytrol Patch-stopped using them after 3 months-- skin was getting irritated
    Cysto/hydro April 6th 2011-- on expansion only hold one cup
    IBS/ IC
    High blood pressure meds and Crestor
    Metformin (prediabetic)
    Sinequan (depression)


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      I've been on Elmiron about the same time as you. The pain you are describing happened to me before Elmiron (and since). For me, I think it is referred bladder pain. I usually notice it when I have overdone it, too much bending, or lifting. I don't know if it is the same for you or not. Just my 2 Cents.