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  • Hair loss!

    I was just diagnosed with IC on April 27th and starting taking Elmiron on April 29 and it is the only Medication I am taking! I have noticed hairs everywhere, on my pillow when I shower loads of hair are coming out all the time! I have really fine kinda thin hair naturally and not sure if I should keep taking it or what to do! Did anyone else experience this and did you stick with the Elmiron and noticed your hair loss decreased with time or got worse. This is so upsetting don't want to stop taking it but terrified I will lose hair to the point you will see bald spots!

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    elmiron will cause hair loss. it did not do me any good, so I do not take elmiron. However, I am still losing hair do to alot of stress.
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      I had a lot of hair loss about 3 months into taking elmiron. I stuck with it and the hair loss stopped after a few months. I think it helps, I've been on it now 18 months. I do feel so much better then when first dx but I still have some pain on a daily basis but much more manageable!



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        My doctor lowered my dose to 200 mg a day, and has me instill the Elmiron once a week. It has helped, and my thick, wavy hair is back. Much better than going bald.


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          Like Suzanne, I had hair loss 2-3 months into starting Elmiron. It slowed down drastically within a month, and at 7 months in, I am back to normal amounts of hair loss.
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