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Lower dosage of Elmiron

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  • Lower dosage of Elmiron

    I was on Elmiron briefly before having to stop it because of a serious side effect. After taking a break, my doctor wants me to consider trying it again possibly at a lower dosage.

    Is anyone taking only 200 mg a day instead of the recommended 300 mg a day? And does it seem to work at that level?

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    I have been on 200 mg per day since I was found to have IC. It seems to work for me well. So sorry you had bad side effects with it. Some people just can't take it. Others like me have no problem. Donna says taking it out of the capsule can be of help. I hope you get relief soon. Hugs, Ziggy


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      Ziggy is correct. Some people have found that the capsule holding the medication is the problem --- and if they empty the capsule into water and take it that way it's okay.

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        When first starting Elmiron I was taking 300mg now I am at 600mg. I have been on this med since 1997. It helps along with other meds that I am taking. I am watching what I eat of course; sometimes I go off and then I might pay for it-but sometimes I can eat what I want and I do ok. I have had no serious health issues.


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          I was on 300 mg a day for over a year. I just recently moved down to 200mg a day and all is good. No problems, so I say try it!
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            Originally posted by 123456 View Post
            I was on 300 mg a day for over a year. I just recently moved down to 200mg a day and all is good. No problems, so I say try it!
            Same here - I went down from 300 to 200/day because of the shortage (my urologist wanted to try it at my next visit anyway) and I seem to be just fine.

            My doctor said there are some people who after being on Elmiron for a while can get away with even just one a day or sometimes stopping all together, but again, I'd only do this after consulting with your doctor. We're all different.

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