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Comfora (generic Elmiron)

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  • Comfora (generic Elmiron)

    I saw the link for the generic Elmiron on this site which says "available in select countries", but it looks like it all comes from India. Has anyone ordered it? Does it ship to the US? The website isn't very helpful...

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    I looked at the site. It appears one would need a prescriptiion from a Doctor. It said it could be faxed to them. They imply it works like Elmiron. I don't know much about it. All I was able to get was from reading the site. Thank you for posting. Hugs, Ziggy


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      How I can understand what is the price of comfora ?
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        I have a friend who buys meds overseas regularly, including some from India. I am meeting her for coffee later today and will try to find out how it is done.


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          Has anyone actually tried ordering comfora from the US? I got my doctor to write me an rx for it but am nervous to try to order from India. And they are not easy to reach by phone. My elmiron price through insurance and discount card went from $35 a month to $300 a month, which I can not afford