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Elmiron for 4 days

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  • Elmiron for 4 days

    I was on vesicare for a week but didn't get much relief. so I started the Elmiron. I thought it was working I know on my bladder but the urethra burning is just terrible still. Does that go away eventually once you are on the elmiron for a while? Is there something that will take the burning away?


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    Hey I had the urethra burning as well.... I used to put vitamine E on it when I was having burning. After awhile of being really good on the diet that symptom went away for the most part. I still get it now and then.. but it never ussually lasts long. The elmiron i'm pretty sure is what is helping the most but then it took 4 months to see any sort of magic. lol

    Hang in there.

    28 yrs old,

    I have little to no problems now with my bladder, unless I am very stressed out, I forget to take Elmiron for a few days, or I eat or drink something that I know is a trigger...(i.e) like eating a tomato or drinking tea.... Took a long time to get here, but it IS possible to feel good again I just want people who are new to know that IT CAN get better, and for every one person who is suffering, there are hundreds of others who feel GREAT because they have control of thier IC.

    What Works: Tylenol 3's, Pyridium, Elmiron (Going on 4 years now!) HOT showers!!!

    Medications/ Vitamins: Elmiron-100mg 4x's daily Tylenol 3's/Advil (flaring) Vitamin D, WILD salmon oil 4x gels in the morning, Women's ONE a DAY multivitamin (the gummy kind doesn't make me flare) and PROBIOTICS!

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      It can take 6 months or longer to see if the Elmiron is going to help you. Some people say ice packs will help the burning. It is just going to take time to find what works for you. Hang in there! Hugs.

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        Thanks for replying. I am being good with the diet. Only drinking water or camomile tea today and yesterday. Hoping to get some relief. I also tried the vitamin E. This is really overwhelming dealing with the changes and all the pain and discomfort



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          I would suggest getting some Uristat or Pyridium for the burning. Something of that nature (or stronger with a Rx) is the only thing that has helped my urethral burning when I had it.

          Elmiron is more for coating the bladder and mucousa lining in general....... it has to take a while to form a coat that will make any difference to you NOW.

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          *Elavil (2 pills and I passed out, cold on the floor....)
          *Hydrodistention - Done by the best Dr, but did not prove to relieve any pain over long term at all
          *Gabapentin (DANGER - Caused suicidal thoughts, inconsolable crying & erratic behavior when mixed with Clonazepam & Flexeril)

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