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Glucosamine/MSM: How long does it take to help you?

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  • Glucosamine/MSM: How long does it take to help you?

    Hey all,
    I've been flaring up again as is typical for me come March/April/May until about September/October, and usually, I take a Glucosamine/MSM pill on-and-off throughout allergy season and that manages it fine. I take a pill with 750mg of both twice a day, so 1500mg of each ingredient total.

    However, since it's been like a year, I'm having a hard time remembering how long it took for it to "kick in." I seem to recall it took about 4-8 days for the benefits to really take hold.
    know on the bottles it always says to wait a month and that's fine, but I'm wondering what everyone's experiences have been?
    I've been on the supplement for 2 days now and the pain is still breaking through I'm so fed up with being in pain and I'd like to go out and enjoy the summer!

    For context, I'm already on CystaQ twice a day and vaginal diazepam cream twice a week, and have been for years. I'm also on meds for mast cell activation syndrome, which I think is connected to my IC.

    Thanks all!

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    I don't take Glucosamine/MSM so I can't really answer your question --- I just wanted to suggest that you make a note on your calendar when you start a new medication so you will have an idea of how soon it has any effect on symptoms --- also if you forget (I'm a champion at that), you will have a reference. I write notes in my appointment book and it's full of reminders.

    Sending warm hugs,
    Stay safe

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