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  • cystprotek and desert harvest aloe vera

    does anyone know if cystprotek and desert harvest aloe vera okay to take while your pregnant. I am about 6 weeks pregnant and I am hurting really bad. Right now I am taking Atarax and Elimron and over the counter drug uristat for pain. I am also on Lamitcal for seizures and hydrochlorizide for high Blood pressure. I know your not suppose to take many medicines while pregnant but I need some type of relief. Can someone please help me?

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    Hello there, I am so sorry that you are in pain from this dreadful disease.I took healthy life harvest aloe Vera and cytoprotek. for me this supplements seem to compliment each other when it come to pain and burning urethra. Unfortunately like many natural stuff it take quiet some time to establish into our system before it started to work(2-6 months). When cytoprotek wasn't available several months ago I was force to take just aloe vera and I found that it din't work as well,but when cytoprotek started to be a-viable again I started to take them,and I can feel the burning and pain disappeared .From my experience after taking this supplements for 4 + years I din't see any negative side effect.On the plus side it give me a positive side effect with my IBS, joint pain,dry mouth,dry eye,dry skin,and burning after urination.The best part about this supplements that I can take more if it needed,but my friend cannot do the same with elmiron due to negative side effect.I am not a doctor,but If it was me who are pregnant I would take the natural stuff over chemical drugs.I also stay on IC diet and took prelief and baking soda. To prevent high blood pressure from sodium I drink cucumber,pear,carrot,and wheat grass juice.Before juicing my blood pressure was 160/90 now my pressure is 99/75 I learn that green juice contain natural potassium.I cannot take potassium supplement it give me flare.I also do fast walk on my trade mill.I was told that for very sensitive bladder try to limit your salt intake.Salt is like rubbing your sore on a sand .If I goes to Thai,mexican, or Indian food I took prelief with baking soda and increase my cyto and aloe from 4 each to 6 each, and it work for me to suppress that inflammation.Goes on their web site I am sure they can help you with your question about supplements and pregnancy.Best of luck.