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cystoprotek, csyta-q, or aloe vera?

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  • Goodnightmoon
    I had looked into alternatives for Elmiron too and I understood that Cystoprotek is considered to be very effective - some believe even stronger than Elmiron. However, I could not take it because of very bad GI issues - so I had to stop it again and now I am bakc to a low dose of Elmiron.

    Aloe had not negative side effect for me but I did not notice much of an improvment either....

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  • tinkerbellpixee
    started a topic cystoprotek, csyta-q, or aloe vera?

    cystoprotek, csyta-q, or aloe vera?

    I was on Elmiron for 5 months when I had an apt with my doctor and he told me that I had been on too low a dose to make any difference- I was taking 1 twice a day. He doubled my dose to two pills twice a day and I was hit with terrible migraines where nothing would help except for vicodin. I tried to stand it for 3 weeks and had to stop. I've been off of Elmiron for a couple of weeks now and the migraines have gone away, but I'm still getting flares.

    I was wondering what works best and what can be taken together? I've been trying cysta-q for a month..seems to be helping a bit but not enough. Should I try aloe vera or cystoprotek as well?