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Cysta-Q does it work? and where do you get in from in australia?

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  • Cysta-Q does it work? and where do you get in from in australia?

    I have recently been diagnosed with IC and have been recomended to try CystaQ. I have looked online and its so expensive. Before i buy it how do i know that it is going to have any effect at all. I am on endep and have been told just to take anti inflamtory but im in agonising pain. Is CystaQ worth a try and can you get it in health food stores etc?

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    You need a good uro who understands IC, there are many treatment plans out there. Try to get as much info on the net about IC because every icer is different. One thing is for sure stay on the IC diet and dont cheat, you need time to find out what foods could trigger your IC. I wish you the best of luck and welcome to this forum it is a good source of info and understanding.
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      I still havent even looked at the diet plan?. He has told me to do up a chart of what i eat though to find out what triggers it. I have a feeling mine is more hormonal than anything but i gues i could be wrong.


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        I have only been able to find CystaQ online - - haven't found it any stores (here in the USA) . . . I've been taking it about 5 weeks, and it definitely is making a difference for me - not back to normal by any means but much better! I'm hoping I will continue to improve. It is kind of expensive but if it helps it will be worth it for me . . . You could try taking just quercetin, but I think the combination of things in CystaQ is better. I would suggest really looking into the diet thing because it sure makes a difference what I eat! Best of luck to you.


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          It's also available in the ICN Shop.

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