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Does water PH make a difference?

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  • Does water PH make a difference?

    I saw there was an old thread about drinking water PH but I am wondering if any of you routinely test water PH and if it truly makes a difference in how you feel?
    I am thinking of getting some of those ph test strips at the petstore.
    I have r/o water in my house and softened water that comes out of my tap that I never drink.

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    For me I believe it's the clorine in many water supplies that's a problem. When I'm at home, I drink from the tap (we have a deep well with UV filter); when away from home, I buy bottled spring water with no additives.

    I have never tested the PH of water. You can get PH test strips from swimming pool supply places.

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      Oregon Water

      Here is this beautiful state of Oregon where we are supposed to have some of the best water, I can still taste and smell the chlorine in it! I only drink filtered water, but I also carry around a bottle of Essentia water at all times- it has a ph level of 9.5! It's about $1.59 for a 33 oz bottle. I think it helps, but it just tastes so good and makes me feel better in general.



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        I can tell a difference if the water is not a good ph. I have tested them all. I have found the best (and cheapest) is the Crystal Geyser brand. It has a perfect ph and they sell it at Dollar Tree for a dollar a gallon, so it is easy for me to get. I tried filtering my own but that doesn't change that ph, and my tap water is terrible. For me that is what works best, and luckly it isn't expensive.
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