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Green Vibrance and other Green supplements

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  • bob04951
    Alkaline vs acidic. Alkaline is supposedly better for an ICer for sure. Some people without IC strive for an alkaline system. Would talk with your doc about it, everyone needs to be careful with herbal supplements, they sometimes interfere with RX meds. At the very least, speak with your pharmacist. Take care of yourself and be cautious always. Google it as well and do your research.

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  • 425runner
    started a topic Green Vibrance and other Green supplements

    Green Vibrance and other Green supplements

    Has anyone tried Greens+ or Green Vibrance? It's supposed to help with immune system, circulation, digestion etc. 64 phytonutrients and probiotics. I wonder if this would be OK for someone suffering from IC.

    It says it'll make the body more alkaline, which I'm not sure is a good thing.