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Ic friendly prenatal vitamins?

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  • Ic friendly prenatal vitamins?

    Does anyone know of any IC friendly prenatal vitamins?

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    The ones I use are NOW Prenatal Caps. Citrus is a big trigger for me, so I was shopping around for the ones that had Vitamin C through Calcium Ascorbate (i.e., Ester C), as opposed to Vitamin C derived from citrus.

    I know it's ridiculous, but technically it's all trial and error (as usual with IC). Another one I heard of was the Rainbow prenatals; I tried those but had a slight flare, but tons of people had no issues with them. I think there's a thread somewhere in the pregnancy forum that discusses this.....

    There was also a prescribed brand that worked for a lot of people (from what I read), but I can't remember it. Sorry! If I run across it I'll post it here (and sorry for such a late response!).