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  • sublingual b12

    I have a severe vitamin b12 deficency. I have been taking monthly shots. I could not take the oral b12 vitamin because it flared my IC bad. I was wondering about the sublingual b12 you place under your tongue. Has anyone tried these and do they cause you to flare? Thanks

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    I tried it and it hurts me the same way as the oral pill.


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      Nasal spray

      I have a B12 deficiency due to the surgery I had for Crohn's disease. I do not have the enzyme to metabolize it. I got twice monthly shots for years and now I use the nasal spray. I did not notice it affecting my ic. What symptoms did you get from the B12.


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        I tried the sublingual, and while they didn't seem to bother me, they didn't raise my b12 levels. I have to give myself monthly injections.
        IBS 4/04; IC 8/05; Vitamin B-12 Deficiency 7/06; Asthma 9/06; Citrus, MSG, Sulfate/Sulfite, Nitrate/Nitrite, Sodium Benzoate Allergy diagnosed 9/06; Fibromyalgia 6/07; Pelvic Floor disfunction 2007; Hysterectomy 10/08; Fallopian Tube Cyst removed 5/10; Chronic Diarrhea since 12/10 ; Ulcerative Colitis 4/12

        Elmiron 3x day
        Trazadone at bedtime
        Tramadol as needed for pain
        Monthly B-12 injections
        Continuous Birth Control (even though I had a hyst, to control cysts)
        heating pad, hot epsom salt baths, strict IC diet
        Interstim implant 9/11
        Ulcerative Colitis Meds - Remicade, Azathioprine, Lialda, prednisone several times a year

        Failed Bladder Treatments
        Lyrica, Elavil, Detrol, Detrol LA, Ditropan, Sanctura, Flomax, Prelief, Pyridium & Urelle (allergic!), Lidoderm patches, long term antibiotics - Macrobid and others, instillations (ouch!), CystaQ, pelvic floor therapy, fulguration, bladder injections, bladder stretching


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          b12 deficiency

          Just wondering if anyone had any updates in this area. I had gastric bypass 3 years ago. I was diagnosed with I.C. about 14 months ago. I went for my annual bypass visit today, and found out I am anemic and b12 is very low as well. I bought the sublingual spray today. I am hoping it will do good enough to raise my levels. (I have been having migraines and no energy). As well as I am to double my iron pills per day. So far I have a little burning in my lower back, but can't say it was the spray or something else. Just thought I'd see if any of you have any more imput in this area since the posts are so old. Have any of you had to have iron shots as well? I am doing well with Elmiron helping improve my I.C.
          Thanks in advance.


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            I use the sublingual B-12 pill and have no problems with it effecting my bladder.


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              Are the sublingual the same as nasal? My B12 levels are actually higher than with injections.


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                I've never had to take iron.


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                  Sublingual or spray just might be an answer for some of us since it doesn't go through the digestive system like pills would. I hope it works out well for you.

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                    Originally posted by ICNDonna View Post
                    Sublingual or spray just might be an answer for some of us since it doesn't go through the digestive system like pills would. I hope it works out well for you.

                    That is what I wanted to hear Ms. Donna, that it doesn't go through the digestive system like pills. Here's hoping it all works out. I am experiencing a little burning in my lower back, but we'll see. I can handle it so far. I will try to update in a week or two, so if anyone else has concerns, maybe they'll benefit from what I go through. After all, this site has given me so much hope and comfort and helped me more than any Doctor has....thank you all.


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                      B supplimentation

                      Hi, wondering if there are any updates to the usage of sublingual or nasal spray B12 or B12 patches. I had horrible flares from b suppliments, but long story short can no longer get a sufficient amount from food and desperately need b vitamins. Going to a blood doctor soon, but wondering if the patch or spray or sublingual has been effective for those here and in this thread and without flares if they had gotten them from tablet forms.



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                        nasal spray has been discontinued. i will have to go back to injections because nasal spray is discontinued.


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                          I inject myself weekly, with no problems.

                          My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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                            I never had a problem with sublingual B-12. B6 was the only B vitamin I had trouble with.


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                              sublingual b12

                              I had asked this question over the summer. I have no problems with the spray under the tongue. I keep forgetting to take it twice a day as recommended. I get it about 5 times a week. I am sure I will have to go to shots, but thought I'd say the days I do take it, I dont seem to have any flares.