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    Hey all. My urologist gave me a weeks worth of aloe vera pill samples to try. He says he has several IC patients who have benefited from them. Have any of you ever used them and if so did they help and with what symptoms. They aren't cheap, so i want to make sure there is at least a good chance of help before investing since it can take a couple of months to "show" effects. They are made by a company called Desert Harvest. Any info or advice is appreciated! I am newly diagnosed after bladder distention and biopsies showing extreme inflammation, and pin point bleeding. I am not on any meds as of yet, other than birth control to stop my period, but I have begin the diet. I definitely have hormonal flares but the BC has seemed to help with that some the past couple of months. I want to give try alternatives before starting any daily meds, ect, but I am open to homeopathic advice! I have been on enough medication over the last year, I have had my fill and would like to not have to take it if I can avoid.