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Any tried IC Aloe??

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  • Any tried IC Aloe??

    I am just wondering if anyone has tried IC Aloe by Healthy Life Harvest. It was supposedly developed by someone with IC. They take out the parts that irritate the colon and cause diarrhea so it should be safe to take over a longer period of time. If you take the recommended does it's about $60 a month. Yikes! I bought some and started trying it but stopped because I am flaring. It's possible though that allergies are causing my flare. I'm just curious how others have responded to this brand of Aloe.

    Thanks everyone! Hope you are all having a better day then the last
    Symptoms began at age 19.
    Diagnosed at age 27.

    My symptoms include pressure, frequency, painful urgency, burning, and low back pain.

    I also have IBS, Candida, and Adrenal Fatigue.

    I am very diet sensitive. I've known about my IC for over two years now and I'm still trying to figure out what I can and cannot eat.

    Having IC can be devastating. It has given me depression, hopelessness, and anxiety that can make every day tasks daunting. My supportive husband, prayer, and my faith in God keep me going each day