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    Has anyone tried Beet Juice for IC symptoms? I am in the food industry and a vendor gave me some 100% organic beet crystals (dried beet roots) and I have been using them for about two weeks. Beet juice reduces inflamation, naturaly lowers blood pressure, and gives you higher red blood cell counts. It has not eliminated my pain but it has helped reduce my pain levels from about a 6 to a 4.

    I have also been on a all natural diet for about 2 months this has aslo helped. I wont eat anything that is modifed in any way, if it has a preservitive or food coloring I wont eat it. It takes time to get to 100%, you will find even many spices have preservitiaves in them. As you find out what has preservitaves cut them out and find an alternative. I have even started canning my own food to make sure in the off seasons I can get the food I need.

    I have also cut out, most red meat, and strictly follow the IC diet. Pleanty of water every day is a must, and if meds are not working I stop taknig them, but don't stop cold turkey ask your dr what you need to do to get off of the meds.

    My theory on meds is if I have been taking somenting (besides elmeron) for more than 3 months and it is not working cut it out. Remember most meds have at least some petrolium in them so this is not "naural" to the human body.

    Neither the diet or the beet crystals has elimiated my pain, but I feel they have helped me a lot,I have gone from 3 full pain pills a day to to 1-2 half pills per day that is a cut of 66%!!!!

    I have not found any place on the internet that sells beet crystals yet but if anyone wants to try it, I can get the crystals for you to try at cost. 1 heaping teaspoon in any juice or water is what I take per day. If you wnat to try beet jucie it can be found but the taste is not very good, the crystals do not have much flavor and if you add it to juce you cant even taste it.

    Please pm me if you want to give this a try, or if anyone has had good or bad experence with beet juice.