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Aloe Vera - does it help?

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    Relief with Desert Harvest Aloe Vera!

    Have no symptoms when taking Elmiron 4 a day. Because of the cost, I cut back to 3 a day. Symtoms returned of course.

    Began Desert Harvest Aloe Vera July 14th. Noticed positive results within a few days. Began Cystoprotek July 21st 2 a day. Within a day, more burning. After 3 days I stopped the Cystoprotek and burning went away within 2 days.

    July 28 I decreased Elimiron to 2 a day.

    It is now August 15th and I am doing great. We have just returned from a 12 day trip- 3000 miles driving and I didn't increase Elmiron! I did increase DH Aloe Vera when I had any signs of IC raising its ugly head! Had a great time and no flare ups.

    I have ordered Desert Harvest Quetin and will try it. Their product does not have added ingredients as found in Cystoprotek.

    I plan to month by month try decreasing the Elmiron. I am so thankful to the Lord and for Desert Harvest.


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      I have been taking Dessert Harvest aloe vera, 6 a day, for a month now. I have even added 3 more if I eat or drink something that I know will cause a flare. I plan to do the 3 months of 6 aloe vera capsules a day as DH suggests and then go back down to 3 a day. I'm doing well so far with 6 a day. Overall I am noticing less frequency and irritation. There have been a few days here and there with more frequency but overall I feel I am improving. My only issue is the cost. I'm hoping I can maintain results on 3 daily and just take more on the days I need to. I didn't realize they have sales in June and December. I'm glad someone here posted that. I may stock up for the year in December.
      Right now I am managing my IC with:

      Fem Dophilus daily
      Desert Harvest Aloe Vera for flares
      Jarrow Quercetin for flares
      Nature Made Melatonin to help me sleep if I need it
      Stress Management

      I've tried:
      Cystoprotek & couldn't tolerate it


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        Yes, those sales do help. I try to buy six months each time it goes on sale, plus they still give you the multi bottle discount. But still it is expensive. However, I would pay even more for a magical cure, if there was one. lol

        I found out that my doctor adds aloe vera to my rescue treatments. I asked and they said there is lidocaine, another pain killer that starts with an M, a steroid, aloe vera and something else. They said that they had recently upped the percentage of aloe vera and found people were having better results.


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          I am so glad to hear that aloe vera helped you. I can not afford it anymore even on sales, so I had to stop for now and in general I did not notice to help me with frequency in almost 2 years I was taking it. I am trying other things now but perhaps one day I will try it again. I wish it would not be so expensive and then shipping it abroad which costs more than 1/2 of the bottle.
          I am not an English native.
          I am starting with raw food diet, juices and green smoothies and salads. Nothing else (rx meds and holistic things like cystoprotek, IC aloe vera) helps with my frequency, urgency and burning. I was also tested and I am gluten sensitive, lactose intolerant, few other food allergies, so all in all it made perfect sense to try go "raw". Fingers crossed

          Right now I am on:
          Vesicare 5 mg
          Other stuff:
          Herbal mix for bladder and kidneys
          Herbal mix for adrenals
          Fish Oil
          Bladder Control