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  • Glucosamine Chondroitin what can you ladies tell me about this supplement? What does it do, how does it work, how much should be taken. DUring the Elmiron shortage my dr suggested I take this, although I never did I am seriously considering it now. Elmiron has made me lose half my hair and I walking around with huge bruises all over me. I am seriously at a loss...I am so tired of my hair falling out! Ok, I am done venting..but seriously, have any of you had success with Glucosamine Chondroitin?


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    Sorry, I do not have a good answer for you except for that I too am wanting to try this because I am reading that many have had success with taking Glucosamine/MSM. I am replying because I have a question too..any one know which type we should take? I grabbed a bottle for the first time today from Whole Foods but I'm realizing it is "Glucosamine Sulfate". Is that bad?
    Symptoms began at age 19.
    Diagnosed at age 27.

    My symptoms include pressure, frequency, painful urgency, burning, and low back pain.

    I also have IBS, Candida, and Adrenal Fatigue.

    I am very diet sensitive. I've known about my IC for over two years now and I'm still trying to figure out what I can and cannot eat.

    Having IC can be devastating. It has given me depression, hopelessness, and anxiety that can make every day tasks daunting. My supportive husband, prayer, and my faith in God keep me going each day


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      I just read that it should be glucosamine hydrochloride and not the sulfate but I can't remember why.


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        ps- I also read that there shouldn't be any boric acid mixed in with the glucosamine and that the cheaper brands are just as good as they don't throw in a bunch of added stuff. I just read this today and for the life of me can't remember where it was. Sorry.


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          Thats ok, thanks for the info. I am irritated as I have to go off Elmiron for hair loss and bruising. I am starting instills but wanted to up my supplements for added measure


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            Check the older thread topics under 'Supplements etc.' There have been a few comments on this supplement and it looks like there have been quite a few people who have had success with this. Change the setting to all the way back to the beginning instead of recent ones and all the threads will come up. It's at the very bottom of the list of topics under this heading. Sorry to hear you are having problems with the Elmiron.