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Birth Control for IC?

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  • Birth Control for IC?

    Hello... I have read that some people experience improvements in their IC symptoms when on birth control, and in other cases, it flares people up. I am thinking of asking the OB if he could put me on it, as he is very open minded and will try anything to improve my IC. (I also have TERRIBLE periods. This would help in that arena as well.) I also read that adding estrogen could help with IC. I am only 32, but am thinking of asking for a low dose or estrogen or at least seeing if he can draw my blood to check the levels. I didn't even have IC until I went off of the pill, after 10 years of being on it. Not sure if it is related or just a coincindence, but wanted to ask if anyone knows or has experience with birth control, estrogen, and IC.

    Thanks for your input! Of course, I will work with my OB to get prescriptions and am not asking for dosage info or anything like that! I am really just trying to see if there is any chance estrogen could help me and if it is worth bringing up with the OB.

    Dx with IC 3/2009 - Cysto w/Hydro
    Meds: Elmiron (400mg), Atarax (10mg), Elavil (20mg), Pyridium (as needed)