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Cystoprotek vs. Cysta q

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  • Cystoprotek vs. Cysta q

    I am taking Elmiron now, two capsules in the am and two capsules at night. It is helping relieve my symptoms by about 60 %, but I heard if I took one of the food supplements this may continue to reduce my pain and frequency. Does anyone have any experience with trying Cystoprotek and Cysta Q and which one worked best for you. Thanks for your help. Heather

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    I take three of the ingredients in Cystoprotek separately - Querceten, Hyaluraonic acid, and have just added Glucosamine. I had good luck with the Quercetin and noticed a difference in a couple weeks time. I take them separately due to some of the other ingredients in combination didn't agree with me.


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      I like cyst-q better than cysta-protek. Cystaprotek gave me gas!


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        I tried Cystoprotek for about six months with very little result. I then tried CystaQ and have been on it for over a year -- it helps -- though I still have flares.