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  • Best probiotic?

    Does anybody have recommendation for the best probiotic that's most effective that works for them? I keep seeing advertisements for Align. Any good? I'm looking for something on the more potent side. though. I have had repeated oral thrush I cannot seem to get rid of and yeast infections along with GI tract stuff as well. Right now I'm taking Nature's Way Primadophillus Optima but I read something about the coating and hormonal imbalance issues. I am already high estrogen. I know plastics can make that worse. Anyways, I'm looking to switch. Thanks. ~Ann
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    pro biotics

    I"d go to my health food store and pick one they reccomend. I buy Country life it is in the refriderated place. it is sort of expensive but not as much as align .There is alot of good ones out there though. Best if kept cold.
    I also buy one called fem-dophulus(sp) and take one a day it has helped me alot with BV.



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      Florajen 3

      Hi Annie -

      I take Florajen3. You find it in the refrigerated section of the nutritional supplements at places like Whole Foods or other health food stores. It has 3 kinds of probiotics in it. Great to take each day if you are ever on antibiotics. It keeps you from getting a yeast infection. If you ever have to do that, make sure you take it at a different time of day than the antibiotic. Best one I have ever tried.