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  • pretty upset

    I have been going to pt for pfd, and have been doing manual work as well for fibro, I really can't stand to be touched but was trying to deal with it. last Monday I went and left in more pain then I started out with. So I decided I would discuss this with her on Friday.. Well I woke up with Pink Eye on Wednesday banghead so bad I looked punched (I know I posted this some where and don't recall) Any way to get to my point I canceled and went today and told her I had pink eye and she told me her kids had it too the same time I did cussing .. I knew thats where I gotten it, because I wasn't any place else... She apoligized to me but I don't blame her. If you have something contagious dont go to pt and pass it along... banghead
    there will be no more manual therapy untill my body can stand it...
    'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'

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    Hi Brat,
    That sucks!!!!!! banghead I am in pt too for pfd. I am taking pain meds before and after to get through it. I hope it helps in the end.

    Take care of your eye
    One day at a time


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      Even though pinkeye is contagious, good thorough handwashing should have prevented her giving you the disease. I think if I were you I would complain in writing to her supervisor.

      I hope you're bginning to feel better now and that your eyes are healing.

      Sending gentle hugs,
      Stay safe

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        Brat, I am glad that you are getting a break from PT, sometimes we just have to say "I've had all i can take, i need a break" I hope you got some rest today!!!!! I want to talk to you about PT as you may remember I am starting it in about 3 weeks. I want to know the scoop before I go, I know it may be different from yours but I would still like to talk to you about it!
        Send me your e-mail address if you don't mine or i can pm you!
        Hang in there sweetie!
        Love You,
        Kim (Kentucky Kim)


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          Dear Brat,

          Sorry to hear things are so tough for you right now. You're in my thoughts grouphug grouphug

          Warm hugs,
          My story of healing and hope