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    Well I just got home from my physical therapy evalution. I have very weal pelvic floor muscles. I go back on the 16th to start treatment and she if we can streghten these muscles. I have more pain on my left side than on my right. She feels I have adhesions from previous surgeries. Were going to start working on those do. She is willing to start working with me now and probably after the dilation on April 16th. I'll keep you posted how things go. I just got home and I'm kind of sore so I figure its lunch time, extra strenght tylenol and maybe even a nap. Oh she also is going to do vaginal messages starting next visit.:woohoo: Good news I don't lealk as much as she thought I would. It doesn't surprise me my bladder was emptied right before she started. Good News for the week our aerobics class is back on the pool is open.
    Interstitial Cystitis Stomach problems
    diastolic dysfunction
    vascular insufficency of left leg
    pelvid floor disorder
    bread cancer - 5yrsl. remission
    swollowing difficulty
    lots of doctors
    lots of med.

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    Big red-
    Isn't it odd how everyone's PFD is different? You say you hurt mostly on your left? The pain I get is either a stabbing bladder pain, a crampy-period-like pain in my whole abdomen, the lower-back pain, or the spasms (ouch!) Those are the worst!
    The urethra pain I used to have ALL DAY LONG EVERY DAY has almost completely disappeared. Yay!
    Diagnosed with IC: October 2006

    Related diagnoses: PFD, chronic back pain, vulvodynia, IBS, anxiety.

    Lots of water
    Fiber, when I can remember...
    Elmiron (I'm down to 200mg per day)
    Kegels (10 sets of 10 second holds per day)
    Yoga and Pilates, each weekly
    Exercise 3x weekly

    Have tried:
    PT for PFD and chronic back pain (VERY helpful)
    IC diet (I'm not diet-sensitive while on Elmiron)


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      I am so sorry I missed your post... How is PT going? was everything ok with the stim too?
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        That is great that you are in physical therapy. How are you doing?

        I started physical therapy yesterday. I am sore and tender everywhere, my bladder is down a bit. And I am so tense it is crazy. The therapy felt sooooooo good!

        Also, I just got a TENS unit, my insurance company has a contract with this company and it is free for me! :woohoo: Even replacement pads are free once a month! Anyway, she showed me how to use it for my bladder and it really helped.


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          Re: physical therapy

          Hi guys did u guys get relif from physical therapy... Please help