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Best non-recumbent bike seat for pfd?

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  • Best non-recumbent bike seat for pfd?

    The nice weather will be here soon and I'd like to start riding my bike but I don't want to aggravate my pfd.

    I know they have the new ergonomic seats that are like two little pads - one for each buttock but I read that Dr. Moldwin said that type is not recommended as the non-buttock area gets no support so the pelvic floor tightens up to support the rest of the area.

    Any other suggestions? I really love riding my bike!


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    I seen those at wal-mart and thought about getting one. I like to pull my bike out an ride it ocassionly.
    I'll see what I can find on line.
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      If you've got a bike shop in your area I'd recommend you pay a visit and speak to the shop pro. There are few different type of seats available and what might work for one, might not work for another.
      I bought a couple of different bikes seats at a local big-box store that seemed comfortable at first, however a mile or two into the ride the comfort level decreased to the point of needing to turn around and park the bike. I ventured into a bike shop one day and discussed the matter with an employee. He recommended a couple different styles then allowed me to try them out on the shop's bikes. He also guaranteed the seat--if for some reason I found it to be uncomfortable when out riding I could exchange it for another.

      Hope this helped a bit!

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        Thanks for the responses! I thought for sure the "two pads" seat would be a winner and was disappointed to see Dr. Moldwin said it wasn't good for us. This is a thorny one!