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Can PFD cause?

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  • Can PFD cause?

    Can PFD cause the narrowing of the urethral opening (i mean the hole where pee comes)? Is it treatable except dilations? I have heard really bad stories about dilations.I have chronic infections but yet no IC. Also i believe long term infections caused a form of PFD,mostly at my left side,located on pudendal nerve region. I dont trust any doctors now and i havent hear about any good one. Any good tips for me?

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    I had the dilation done at the same time I had my cysto done. Yes it was uncomfy to urinate after for a couple of days but they gave me the stuff that turns the urine blue and that helped as long as I took it as often as I could those first two days so that I didn't feel it! I did notice immediately that I have more productive trips to the bathroom - and it got better after healing from the dilation. I had mine done on Friday and by Monday I was back to normal. On Sunday I had very little irritation!


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      I would definitely get checked first to see if your urethra is actually narrowed first before getting it dialated. I have read where women got their urethra's dialated unessasarily for years which can really cause urethral strictures if done to many times. At least that is what I read. I would ask the doctor to check and see if your urethra really has narrowed though first before doing anything.