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how do you feel after therapy?

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  • how do you feel after therapy?

    I had my 1st therapy yesterday. I will see her next week. I have a lot of pressure to day and I am having spasms ( my insides are vibrating). I decided to call in to work today and just rest. will this get better? I still have burning but I think it is better, although last night it burned when I peed. Usually it is just vaginal burn.
    mom to 3 wonderful kids

    IC symptoms 7/03,
    hysterectomy 11/04,
    prolapse cervix 7/07
    diagnosed: IC 2007
    IBS 2008

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    I actually had to stop PT because it wasn't working for me. When the physical therapist worked on the external trigger points, it cause severe pain in my hip and back - and continues to this day. When she went internal, I had breakthrough bleeding. My pain seems to be more muscular than anything else...however, I'm in a very bad spasm right now and I'm having urgency sensations and my bladder feels like it's going to fall out.
    Hope it gets better for you and works!


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      I felt worse for several days after each therapy session (1x/week). This lasted throughout PT (2.5 months).

      Hopefully you'll start feeling better very soon!
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        thank you for your in put. I am willing to try this just wondering if this is how it is suppose to feel.
        mom to 3 wonderful kids

        IC symptoms 7/03,
        hysterectomy 11/04,
        prolapse cervix 7/07
        diagnosed: IC 2007
        IBS 2008


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          I was very very sore after my first PT, it was horrible, BUT i did my home excercises and when i went back for the 2nd appt, she said she would adjust things and go slower. My body is different then most. Im doing better after my PT appts now, but i do take xanax and it seems to help.

          She wants to start internal next week, and im a bit afraid.

          Hang in there.

          Lyme disease diagnosed 11/05
          vulvar vestibulitis diagnosed 2/06 -worst case she has ever seen..very bad.
          IC diagnosed with hydro/cysto- may 17, 2006

          Over growth of lactobicilli found 8/07 treating with doxy.

          Was able to get my first internal exam evaluation for PFD....wohoo 1/18/07:woohoo:

          8/22/07- was able to get my first speculum exam, with pap

          Strep D found in bladder with United medical labs May 2006
          2 strains of strep in stool culture 9/06
          high Strep ASO titre found 10/06

          NEW MED

          Capsasin cream-once a day for 20min,
          BUt wont lie it does burn

          About to start valium supositories for PFD

          Trigger point injections- oct 07

          Current meds:
          Neurontin- 100mg at night supposed to work up to 300mg if i can tolerate it
          Zanaflex 2mg
          IC and low oxalate diet, no sugar diet
          Xanax for appointments to help relax me since they cause so much pain

          Started PT 3/07, PT has really helped me in ways I never knew that it would

          Meds ive tried
          Soma- can barely tolerate half a pill
          Atropine cream- didnt seem to work, although i found out I was applying the creams wrong
          Estradiol cream
          Urelle- caused worse bladder spasm and retention

          Various antibiotics for lyme which caused yeast and made the IC and VV worse

          waiting for the next chronic illness to pop up

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            I had my primary care give me a prescription for Soma that I took during my entire treatment plan. It helped so much. I also used to sit on an ice pack on my drive home from PT, that seemed to help as well. I haven't had PT since September and I am no longer leaking or having low bladder capacity problems. It has helped me immensly, even through a bout of the flu and a severe asthma attack this winter. I thought for sure the constant coughing would throw the muscles right back out. I only wish they had this treatment years ago
            I was born with one ureta not attached to it's kidney, I've been poked and prodded for so long. I never had "private" parts. I had constant infections and took low dose preventive antibiotics into my teens.

            DX with IC July 1993 after seeing 3 different Uro's and finally switching Primary care doctors and affiliated hospitals.

            I have 2 beautiful daughters, the oldest has been in heaven since she was 14 when she was hit by a car The youngest is 20 now. She has had one UTI. She went into complete panic that she would end up like me. Now she has some idea of what the pain is like. Poor kid has been forced to know where every bathroom in Disney World is.