I have tried for months now to find someone close enough for me to drive to without excrutiating pain (an hour each way is my limit) I used the ICN service and found a therapist about 35 minutes away, but her office said she is having personal issues and probably isn't taking new patients right now. They said she would call me back and let me know for sure, but that was a week ago and still no answer. So I started calling all the physical therapists in my yellow pages, starting with offices near by. After a few calls I found an office that specilizes in the usual sports therapy and post surgery patients. They said they have both had some experience with IC patients and PFD though. They brought up Kegals and I told them my doctor said to avoid doing those b/c it increases my pain. TYhey were very open to that and siad there are other things, including tens we can try. My first visit is this Friday. Hopefully they can help me, at least with the pain if nothing else. They asked me to bring any info I had on IC as well as a refresher, so I am planning on doing that too.
Have any of you had success with pain relief and/or frequency/urgency relief seeing a physical therapist who doesn't necessarily specialize in PFD? Is there anything I could suggest or avoid?