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  • Is this PFD?

    About six months before the onset of my IC symptoms, I was experiencing terrible muscle spasms in my rectum. They would come and go and sometimes the vague tight sensation would last for days. Then on June 25th 06, I experienced a terrible muscle cramp in my perenium area during intercourse. I had this spasm feeling in my crotch for a few days and then BAM...terrible urinary symptoms followed. I was diagnosed with IC in Oct. via hydrodistention. My symptoms are better with the meds I'm on, but I continue to experience this on and off ache in my "crotch" area and it is worse during my period. Today I was virtually symptom free and then I got this muscle tightness in the left side of my rectum. A few hours later it stopped but I was left with an ache in the left side of my perenium. My urinary symptoms are also present again. Is this PFD? I think maybe I should have an evaluation.


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    Anytime you have unusual or new symptoms, you really should report them to a doctor. It certainly sounds like it would be worthwhile to be evaluated for PFD.

    I never had any bladder problems other than a very occassional uti and never repeat infections (always at least 4 years between infections). About 6 mos or so before my IC began (in my mid 50s) I noticed rectal/tailbone pain especially when climbing stairs or doing any motion that thrust my pelvis forward. Then BAM...IC began suddenly. I had also suddenly stopped HRT after using it for several years. With diet and finding the right meds, I was doing quite well, then 2 1/2 yrs later suddenly developed ulcerative colitis. Now there was a lot of action going on in my pelvic region. Back came the rectal pain and pain in the left side of the perineum, left side of the vagina, left vulva, left buttock and left upper thigh. I was DXed with PFD and have been undergoing PT which helps tremendously and also have a T.E.N.S unit to help with PFD spasms. All of my pain, even my IC early on before I developed colitis, has been concentrated on my left side. Because I have colitis and the decending colon is on the left side, I believe there is pudendal nerve involvement that is contributing to the left-sided PFD pain I experience. Which came first? It's a chicken and egg question for me. Long story, but I mention it because it sounds somewhat like what you are starting to experience.

    I certainly am not qualified to give you medical advice, but from the symptoms you are describing I think it is worth talking to your doctor about the possibility of PFD and requesting to be evaluated for it.

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      Thank you so much Annie. I'm calling first thing Monday morning for a consult.



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        Hi Dawn
        I think it sounds like PFD. I have PFD badly.....I am in PT for it which helps SO MUCH. Unfortunately, I hold all my tension in my crotch. *Most* people get achy shoulders, I get achy vagina

        My IC has really been non-existent since starting PT once a week and getting internal massage. Today, I had a terribly stressful day. I could literally feel all my pelvic floor muscles bunch into one big huge knot and all my urinary symptoms are back full blown today. It really sucks.

        Bad bad day. I can't believe this is what stress does to my body now!!!

        Call your doc for an evaluation. If its PFD - lots can be done to help you!


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          Two points:
          1.) Difficulty initiating bowel movements (can't get them going...) is a classic sign of PFD.
          2.) The crotch area is the "fear" shakra - I hold my tension down there too.


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            tiny space

            The area that all the pelvic floor nerves go through is a very narrow space in the lower back area. When something injures them, stress, falls, surgery, whatever, they swell up and then cause muscles of the pelvic floor to spasm.
            The spasm could be primarily in the thighs, back, urethra, bladder, vagina, coccyx, rectum, whole pelvic area. Once a spasm occurs it can cause like a computer loop and just keep going and going unless something intervenes, such as medication, PT, massage. Nerve pain is usually burning, shooting, grabbing, type of pain. Elavil is great for this, really helped me.


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              *giggles at soccermom's comment.

              Yes I have this feeling too. I'm not sure if the achy vagina/tailbone thing started first, or if the bladder problem did. I think that for me they were literally at the same time. Regardless they are definately connected, and the whole idea of PFD seems to make sence to me. I'm not too keen on the idea of internal massage by some medical guy with a rubber glove, but if it comes down to that...

              Let us know if pelvic floor therapy helps you!

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              My triggers- I'm not sure about food triggers, just started IC diet but so far doesn't seem to be doing much. Stress is a big trigger for me though. Both flares this year came during stressful times. I think that stress reduction will help me immensely (last flare went AWAY during vacation in Mexico when I was drinking margaritas like they were water;P).
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