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  • Didn't need to cancel

    All early this morning they kept saying big snow storm coming overnight and have lots more snow dumped on top of what we already had. So, I canceled the PT appointment I had for tomorrow thinking I didn't want to try and drive through it. Live on a hill and getting down and up the road is very hard. Now they say NO MORE SNOW!! I think they do that on purpose really. Just makes me so mad.

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    That's so aggrevating! They canceled a big garage sale last weekend because we were supposed to get a bunch of snow. And of course we got nothing. Sure enough if they wouldn't have though we would have gotten 12inches!!!! Guess I'll let them cancel them if it keeps the snow from coming! Hope this is the end of the cold and sudden snow storms in the middle of spring! I'm so tired of the cold weather. Was about 70 here today! So nice to get outside and do yard work. Can't wait to finally plant my garden.


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      That's frustrating! I had to miss one week because my PT had to cancel and BOY did I notice a difference!!! Ouch! I hope you will be okay this week without your appointment, and I hope your PT is going well!
      Diagnosed with IC: October 2006

      Related diagnoses: PFD, chronic back pain, vulvodynia, IBS, anxiety.

      Lots of water
      Fiber, when I can remember...
      Elmiron (I'm down to 200mg per day)
      Kegels (10 sets of 10 second holds per day)
      Yoga and Pilates, each weekly
      Exercise 3x weekly

      Have tried:
      PT for PFD and chronic back pain (VERY helpful)
      IC diet (I'm not diet-sensitive while on Elmiron)