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PT recommedations for stomach exercises

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  • PT recommedations for stomach exercises

    Anyone know what their PT's have recommended when it comes to Pilates and any stomach toning exercise? So are these types of exercises ok or what? I have read and heard different views. My old PT told me that our stomach muscles support the pelvic floor and it's good for us. My present PT said it isn't good and could flare me worse. My belly is so distended looking and I really want to flatten my tummy. I think the inflammation in my pelvic area may have something to do with it. It's so hard to figure out what we can and can't do! Any opinions or advice on this?
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    If you try Pilates be sure you get a very good instructor or you can hurt your lower back big time. This means one on one instruction and constant attention while you do the movements, not a little bippy at the front of a gym class of 20.
    Yes, you Pilates can make some people flare more, and others on the board do it. You dont know until you try.
    As for the stomach, it could be more than just simple distention, it could be excess omentum (fat). Take a look at Dr. Oz, new book which talks a lot about stomach distention. If its just simple distention it should not be constant but come and go.


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