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just maybe the valium is working

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  • just maybe the valium is working

    Finally I have found a PT who specializes in PFD and I have my first appt. next Tuesday. But the really exciting thing is I have been taking 2 mgs of valium at night and have had very little urethral pain! I know I still have pelvic floor issues and need the therapy too. (vulvodynia since 1999 and I believe all nerve related and PFD related.) This issue has been going on for 2 years and it has taken this long to find help. I do not believe I ever had IC but had all the tests. No frequency, little urgency because it was all about the urethra and not the bladder.
    I attended the conference in Houston and it was so enlightening and gave me the energy and will to persue yet another doctor visit to help me find a therapist. I don't live in a small town (160,000 population) with an extensive medical community. Even my well known gyno looked at me with puzzled expression when I asked about PFD help. It took changing my primary doc from an MD to a DO to look a little further and really help me. I am so thankful to have found someone who seems to care. She was not wild about the valium issue but agreed to let me try it for a month. I have also used the vaginal valium with some help too. This may be it! Wish me luck.

    Lyrica 100 mgs x2
    Tramadol when needed (now in timed released formula)
    Lunesta when needed

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    valium is working


    Like you I have PFD. Valium is the main thing that has helped the pain. I take 2 mg three times a day. Dr Robert Moldwin in his book on IC "The Interstitial Cystitis Survival Guide" gives a fair bit of info on its use for PFD. In one of the interviews I read on line that he gave about PFD, he said that they now use it for 1st line treatment.

    I don't think that many family doctors or gynecologists are aware of how it helps so much for PFD. Many of them don't even know what PFD is. I wish they could trade places for a few days to feel what the pain is like and the limitations if causes in your ability to function.

    If you go to a dr that specializes in IC, they are more likely to be aware of using it for PFD. That is, if they are current.

    Physio, baths, etc. also help some. It depends how bad things are & how long it has gone on. But in my case, without the relief of pain from the Valium I'm not sure I would still be here.

    Best of luck,



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      For me, xanax plays the same role. It's my miracle drug!


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        I have also been lucky to have seem Dr Moldwin. He also told me to take 2 mg twice a day. What a world of difference. My problem is that I don't see Dr Moldwin now and my GYN did not want to give me valium. Any ideas on who I can ask?



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          I also had very good luck with low dose valium. Glad it's working for you, too. I'm now using a muscle relaxer, but it doesn't work as well and knocks me out, even at the smallest dose (I split my 10 mg tabs so take only 5 mg).

          Ginny, you may have better luck getting an Rx for a muscle relaxer, seems drs are more willing to Rx those. There are many to choose from, and they may work well for you and not cause you the extreme drowsiness that they cause me. But it seems most of us prefer valium....maybe your GP or uro would be willing to let you try it. Best wishes.