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    In the past week i have gotten a completely new symptom that is driving me nuts. when i sit down there is tremendous pressure from my lower buttocks down through my thighs. my upper inner thighs are constantly aching and in pain. i have a prescription for valium and have been taking it but this doesn't seem to be going away. has anyone else experienced this and what do you do for it?
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    Kelly not at you but that has been my thoughts for a over a week, doing the stim trial..
    I am so sorry you are hurting like that. When I didn't have a car I had to ride a bike and hurt like that. I also hurt like that when I did PT.. I sat on my heating pad, and ice.
    hugs to you and feel better soon.
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      Kelly, PT caused severe trigger point pain. My hip and back ache severely, and it seems to be a moving target. Valium doesn't seem to be helping, the doc put me on Soma at night, and I find it works better than any muscle relaxer I've tried. Unfortunately, it's just a temporary fix, can't figure out what I need to do next. Just keep plugging away - A Headache in the Pelvis maps out trigger points and where the pain radiates. This was helpful for me.